April 01, 2019

Latest News: Faiz Ahmed Lone, a wanted GM terrorist arrested

Update the latest news updates here. A leopard has been seen in Woodland's Crest Resident Society in Leopard Marul, Mumbai, located in the residential Society in Mumbai. A team of jungle department is present in place. Operation continues to be saved. (Source: CNI) arrested after a terrorist raid on the CRPF operation, arrested a suspected car bomber after police arrested police sources, a source said on Thursday June 30, a CRP on the Srinagar National Highway. It has been trying to target F.K. Cowboy, it is being arrested on April 1, April 1. (Source: PTI) , Mumbai Ibrahim's sister, Sensas Parker's Mumbai sale sold Rs 1.80 crore

Flat located in Mumbai, sister of Mumbai, Mumbai, has been sold for Rs 1.80 crores in Mumbai, near auction by the Sindh (smuggling and foreign exchange manipulator act). (Source: NAI ) To hear the petition filed by the Delhi Court Robert Vedra, the court will hear the case of the proposed bail application presented by Robert Vardra today. The enforcement director requested the removal of his anticipated bail application in the money laundering case. (Source: NAI ) An ineffective manual was bombarded in the Dhanha Police Station of Grenadin Main Porte, in Uttar Pradesh, Dhanha . Some children had taken him out of a pond and placed it on the road. Investigations are ongoing and are waiting for further details.

"Grand found is old and inaccessible," said Manipuri SP Ajay Shankar Rai. It is found in a canal and has been removed from the bath there. The location of this occasion is quite different from the way of Jam, As some channels were reportedly fake, he has not influenced his cabbage in any way, there is no security threat. " (Source: NNI) , Mumbai Coast of Shivaji Memorial Sculpture the Maharashtra government has notified the Foreign Ministry building Supreme Court environmentalists trying to build a memorial statue of Shivaji Coast to Mumbai Application of the Forest and Environment (Memphis) and issued a notice to the Maharashtra government. (Source: NNI) arrested GM terrorists arrested

Faiz Ahmad Lone is arrested by a wanted terrorist in Jish Mohammad, Srinagar, JS and Special Cell, Delhi. The Delhi Police announced, he was taking a prize of Rs. 2 lakh on his head. A non-stable warrant was issued against it. He was eliminating the arrest from 2015. (Source: NII ) Tamil Nadu: IT personnel are making pieces made in the county bag from the vellor, income tax officials, cartoons and guns from the cement warehouse in Valorore during the intervention of 29-30 March. Captured a huge amount of money in bags. (Source: NNA ) Sensex up to 283.50 points, up to 72.65 points at the censex at 38,956.41, up to 283.50 points. Currently at 11,696.55, up to 72.65 points. (Source: NNA)

Nepal's rainstorm: 35 people killed, more than 400 injured in a rains in Nepal, 27 people were killed and more than 400 were injured. More than 100 military personnel have been deployed in affected areas, rescue operations continue. (Source: NII) prevents India's refinery tariff from May 2, May 2, India leaves the transit tariff on US equipment by May 2 (Source: Reuters) , a US-based Rapper shot named American Rapper shot . On Monday in Los Angeles, Grammy Nominated Rapper Nipson Hussain was shot. (Source: AFP) Pak Punch, one injured

Pakistan condemned the firing in the Shopar and Kanye district of Jammu and Kashmir district, on Monday Monday 7:45 pm to pass through the firing of mortar and small arm. The Indian Army is rehabilitating, reported to the ANI. One person was injured and moved to the hospital. Reporting the Nicaragua Islands NII resulting in a quake, the intensity of this magnitude 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred today this morning. According to reports, 25 people were killed and 400 others were injured in a rains due to heavy rain in South Nepal, officials said on Monday. According to Interior Ministry officials, storm of Bara and Parsa districts hit many villages.

He said that 24 people were killed and a person died in Parsa district in the 128 kilometer kilometers of Bara district. (Source: PTI) Four Lieutenant Terrorists injured Punk Down Pamela, three army personnel and a policeman, the NAI reported that four terrorists of Lashkar-e-Tale combined with security forces. The polio area has been killed in the Las Vegas area. Three army personnel and one policeman were injured. He has been kept in the hospital and is in a stable condition. Army and ammunitions have to face. A case has been filed.
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